I use PHP + mySQL, Yii and Code Igniter frameworks as a base for most of my sites. Interfaces are built with JavaScript (preferring TypeScript and Vue.js as a framework).

Below is a video of financial analysis system, built by me with PHP+mySQL+JS. Huge 'raw' sales database is being rapidly parsed and analyzed by several criterias. Interactive result is easy to work with:

I use Python and GoLang to process large text, data and to build interactive data plots.

Below is the utility written in Go to parse 1.1Gb XML file, process data and build an interactive plot in seconds:

My first sites were launched in 2000, and one of them worked till 2018. Good code lives long!

Also I worj with jQuery, programmed animation in CSS3/HTML5 Canvas and Adobe Flash AS2/AS3 (still actual for animated promo video).

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Server Control

Tune up Apache+Nginx, debug mod_rewrite, correct the mySQL/MariaDB config, trace atop/htop performance - usefull skills that help quickly determine bottlenecks oand performance issues. And quite often in helps answering "why my site is so slow and I receive low rank in Google PageSpeed?" or "why my CMS output differs from what I did in admin area?".

Being friendly with SSH terminal, bash, nano & systemctl is a way to make sites faster and more stable. Also that's the way to provide reliable support from anywhere in the world.


Online shops

I do develop online shops on different engines. Different engines has different options, design, templates, modules. But all of them need to be tailored to your needs.

Web site portfolio


Isn't it great when the design is made with concern to your specific framework? And when designer knows how to user JS + CSS for animation effects?

Adaptive publishing for mobile devices, supporting gestures and using animations, mobile-first, BEM, SASS, LESS, Gulp, Webpack - every modern technology of 2021.

CMS support

Sometimes I build sites from a scratch or a prototype, be it a landing page, online shop, one-page 'business card' or a large sompany site. Most of them are based on one of frameworks or site engines, like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Sometimes they use their own engine.

A common task is to fix or extend such engine for some new functionality. Supporting sites created 5-10 years ago can be complicated, but I have a lot of experience with this sort of engines and not afraid of legacy code.